The Quiet are the residents of Oubliette who have run out of time, which is the currency in the Oubliette. They must serve the city by becoming the consciousness of machines, which cannot speak and thus are called "Quiet". These machines keep the city alive by e.g. protecting from the phoboi for a time (War-Quiets) or moving the city (Atlas-Quiet) but also minor jobs such as humanoid shaped waiters or door guardians are done by Quiets. Once the time of a citizen in a "noble" body (which is a baseline human) has expired, he / she immediately dies. The citizen's consciousness is instantly transfered into a Quiet. His / her body is collected by the resurrection men and properly stored until the Quiet is over, then the citizen's time account will be replenished and he / she will be resuscitated.

The concept of the Quiet as a price for eternal existence has been questioned occasionally. Although theoretically synthetic life / minds / machines (SynthBio) could be used, the voice so far has held on to the system, probably because of its important educational aspect for the citizens. Jean: "Perhaps, they've got it right. A little immortality but a little death here and then makes you appreciate life a little more".

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